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Wheel thrown and hand painted cockatoo cups

  I am living my dream of being a practicing ceramic artist.  If you visit my studio, you will find a gorgeously warm contemporary space filled with original artworks. The notion that my work connects with people, and that they seek me out makes my practice so much more endearing, it is such a privilege! I am forever determined to create pieces that are authentic and not mass produced, works that are keepers, work that is fulfilling.


Be My keeper and The Keepers Gallery, combine a dynamic arts practice and teaching facility.  A fabulous addition to the creative buzz happening in Ocean Grove’s Industrial Estate, it is where I get to teach ceramics and meet the best people.  I love challenging my students to be brave, to extend, there is so much joy when patience and hard work pays off. Many students have been coming for years and don’t want to leave. I love the friendships and the lifelong connections they have made often with hilarious banter and engagement on so many levels.  My favorite quotes from students are, ‘I am so happy at this moment’ and ‘I would rather pay you Dani, than a psychologist’!

All classes focus on the ‘real’ and ‘slow’ side of ceramics. I believe in honoring the integrity of the clay and the maker, in short, we want our students to find their own originality in what can sometimes be a saturated, same, same affair. Classes include hand building, wheel throwing, sculpture, surface decoration and glaze technology. Classes are blended to capitalise on both functional and non-functional projects.  All facilitators are fully experienced and are making and selling their own works.  The studio is fully equipped, and there is also a firing service for private clients. There are a variety of clays, glazes, and tools for sale.

The Keepers Gallery is an intimate space initially created to showcase my work. It has evolved to show other local and regional artisans.  A wonderful avenue to exhibit exceptional student works, and those that are serious about making it professionally.  It feels good to support my students in this capacity.


My current works are inspired by coastal walks depicted on raw black or white clays slathered in porcelain and black slip. Exploring colour, the light and dark tones that echo in the layers of the surrounding sea and landscape. I enjoy making marks, carving into large coil built and smaller wheel thrown forms. Some have an addition of our local yellow tail black cockatoos’ others a figurative in their representation resonating with stories of life and experience. I love being a painter and drawing on clay, for the love and touch of a final piece, it is such bliss! 

Dani Salvo

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts- Ceramics Major

Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education



Keanes Black Mid-fire Clay
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